As a long-time listener and donor to KCSM and as a musician I am very disappointed KCSM-FM is changing its programming.

For years KCSM-FM has been promoting jazz, one of the few indigenous American art forms.  Because KCSM-FM plays local jazz musicians as well as nationally and internationally known artists, it helps keep the local jazz scene alive. 

The station provides both education and public service with one of only three 24-hour all-jazz radio stations in the United States.  The station is an ambassador of good will and reputation for the College of San Mateo, as KCSM-FM is streamed worldwide on the Internet.

The recent dismissal of part-time announcers on KCSM has resulted in a loss of some of the station’s most enthusiastic and knowledgeable personnel. 

Reducing live radio programming will harm the Bay Area.  We need a jazz radio station.  Without it, One of America’s great art forms is done irreparable harm, especially to the Bay Area jazz scene.  It will also hurt the College of San Mateo’s reputation, and a good reputation is both easily lost and extremely hard to win back.   
I have donated to KCSM-FM for many years.  If you move away from an all-jazz format or worse yet sell the station, not only will I no longer donate to KCSM but am unlikely to support College of San Mateo in general.


Respectfully yours,


Kurt Ribak

Bassist, Bandleader, Songwriter