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You can buy mp3s or CDs of all three of our albums on CDBaby -

Kurt Ribak Trio - Live at the 2006 Fillmore Jazz Festival

You can go to http://www.BayTaper.com to download our July 2, 2006 show at the Fillmore Jazz Festival. Personnel is Kurt Ribak, bass, Greg Sankovich, piano and electronic keyboard, and Tim Solook, drums. Special guests are Lorna K on vocals and Lincoln Adler on soprano and tenor saxophone.


Older mp3s

I have uploaded mp3s of my own bands, the Kurt Ribak Trio and the Kurt Ribak Quartet, to http://users.lmi.net/ribax . All the tunes there are my own compositions.

Personnel for the Trio on these recordings is Kurt Ribak on bass, Hal Richards on flute, bari sax, tenor sax, alto sax, soprano sax, and clarinet (not all at once!), and Saul Kaye on guitar.

Quartet personnel is the same, with the addition of Randy Odell on drums. The group was recorded by Dave Bell at BellBoy Studios in Richmond, CA, with Nino Moschella assisting. I'm really happy with the results.


After clicking on the link, use the "save as" command, save the resulting mp3 file in source form, and you're in.

More of my Tunes

Here are some of my own tunes. The first tunes on this list are recorded with my current group, The Kurt Ribak Band. Some are recorded with Toad Hall Trio, the rest with Section 8 Project, a band I used to be in.

Kurt Ribak Band

Finally Home A joyful tune, written at a time when I was doing a job I really hated. Go figure.

Havana Gila. This tune is a rhumba rhythm with a klezmer melody and a surf drum break. I think it's a niche we have all to ourselves, not that anybody else would necessarily want it.

Howlin' at the Hyatt" This song was written while I was serving a stint as a mercenary playing a swing gig in the lounge of the Hyatt Regency.

Tango Para Mi Padre, written for my father's 70th birthday.

Thanks, Julian. A tribute to both Julian Adderley and Julian Priester.

Hana Bay,written while I was in Maui. Hana Bay is both a bay near the lovely town of Hana, and a cheap rum popular in Maui.

River ChorusThis tune is meant to evoke a baptism.

The Munsters Have Martinis This tune was written for a class assignment way back in my music school days.

For Cecilia, a ballad featuring Hal Richards on tenor sax.

Sunday Best, an upbeat calypso tune. It started out as a gospel tune, but I like it better this way.

Rest Your Head A ballad for adults.


Section 8 Project This group featured Tom Griesser (now with Marcus Shelby, formerly with The New Morty Show) on alto and tenor sax, Jeff Hirano on guitar, Johannes Mager on trombone, Skooter Fein on drums, and me on bass. There were earlier editions of the band with Randy Odell on drums and Larry Chung on guitar.

River Chorus, a sort of homage to pianist / composer Abdullah Ibrahim (formerly known as Dollar Brand).

Don't Touch the Boodle's is both an admonition and a musical portrait of a benefactor of Section 8 Project (among other things, he let us rehearse at his penthouse apartment- he owned the building, so no complaints from the tenants). He was overly fond of Boodle's gin, and was always afraid we would drink his when we were at his place.

Prelude to a B Movie, a film noir mood.


Toad Hall Trio This group featured me on bass, Dennis Cooper on drums, and Pete Sutherland on piano.

Boodles Medley(3.8 MB) - a medley of "Don't Touch the Boodle's," a tune written by Kurt Ribak and "Grab Your Boodles," a tune written by Pete Sutherland.
Perdido (2.5 MB) (the Duke Ellington tune)
Sunset at Noon (5.8 MB) (written by Toad Hall Trio pianist Pete Sutherland)
Tango Para Mi Padre (3.3 MB) (written by Kurt Ribak)
Caravan (4.05 MB)
Ruby, My Dear (7.5 MB)
All The Things You Are (3.4 MB)


Here are some tracks from the demo I did with 3 Go T a number of years ago - these were recorded with Tom Griesser on tenor sax and Scott Foster on guitar.

OP Meets LT
Dancing Sunbeam

Below are samples of the Fox and Cats demo. This band is led by flamenco guitarist Tim Fox, and fuses a jazz sensibility with flamenco rhythms. The music is comparable to Paco de Lucia's. Steve Strauss is playing electric bass on the recordings - the demo was made before I joined.

June Afinada (June in Tune)

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