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Rock Arbor Music and Stephen L. Bigger present:
a live recording by Kurt Ribak

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Note From The Producer:

Kurt was severely injured in an automobile accident on June 19th. As a result we are postponing the Resonance Project until further notice.

Due to extensive injuries to his left arm & hand Kurt will be unable to work for some time.  Please consider clicking on the link below to help raise funds for his recovery and ongoing bills.

Thank you for your prayers & support for Kurt.

"Resonance" is going to be Kurt's big project of 2012.  Normally we save that for Yoshi's, but this year we've decided not to do a summer Yoshi's show.  Instead, we'll do two days of recording with a small audience who are there to support the recording, enjoy the music. and know they are making something special happen.

Stephen L. Bigger of Rock Arbor Music is producing the event.  Here's what he says about "Resonance":

"This is not a "gig", a concert, a "live in-concert recording", or even a chance to get new fans.  We don't want applause in any part of the recording at all, because that would make any cut completely worthless for the purposes we are intending.  It is - first and foremost - a recording session and fundraiser for Kurt's catalog recordings in which we are allowing a few people to attend and here is why:

Due to the high level quality of the performances and the musical style of improvisation- a certain level of spontaneous creation occurs- and is usually sparked by an attentive audience.  This is why we want a select number of attendees who are mature, savvy, and love Kurt's music. We do not want everyone we know to be there.  This event is all about raising funds for Kurt's recordings, paying the musicians, and renting equipment to get both audio and video in a professional setting that is flexible to be viewed or heard in a variety of settings for a long long time to come."

Folks who attend the concerts and provide their email addresses can download a free mp3 of the entire recording as soon as it's ready for release.  This will be the first new recording released of Kurt's music since 2009, and the first recording since 2006.    Kurt's easily got sixty unrecorded songs.  This will be a chance to get a bunch of those recorded, including some of his most popular.

The show will be held Friday and Saturday, July 13 and July 14, 2012 at Moraga Valley Presbyterian Church in Moraga, CA, east of Oakland.  Kurt's been playing there most Sunday mornings since about 2003 and his group has been featured as part of the annual Christmas concerts there the last few years.

Where:  Moraga Valley Presbyterian Church  
10 Moraga Valley Lane  Moraga, CA 94556
(925) 376-4800
When:  Friday and Saturday, July 13 and July 14, 2012 - 8 PM

Photo: Clifton Romig
photo of

If you're just feeling the love, you can donate. Donations over $25.00 get a free download (when the recording is ready).

If you don't want to donate online you can mail a check or money order payable to: Kurt Ribak.
Please mail to: P.O. Box 8045, Berkeley, CA 94707-8045.

We're going to have a similar lineup to last year at Yoshi's Oakland. This will feature several members of Moraga Valley Presbyterian's worship team. The concerts will feature Greg Sankovich on piano and Hammond Organ, Lincoln Adler on saxophones, Ross Wilson on trumpet and trombone, and Kurt on bass. We will be recording Kurt's compositions exclusively. We will also have a few special guests.

Kurt's also gonna take a crack at singing a couple of tunes, including his theme song, "My Bald Head."

This is going to be our biggest show of the year, and people who attend get to be part of the recording. You'll get the chance to say, "Oh yeah, I remember they had to restart this tune cuz Kurt messed up the intro" to your friends.  Most of all, you'll be able to say "I was there" and "I helped make this recording happen" - because your attendance is what will make the recording possible.

Questions about this event?  -  contact Stephen L. Bigger -

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Kurt Ribak electronic press kit at ReverbNation- photo, bio, music samples                                                   

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