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I Got One
          More! cover Kurt Ribak
        Trio - debut CD cover Kurt
          Ribak Trio "more" CD cover Kurt Ribak Trio - "gone" CD cover 
RECORDINGS - We have three four! CDs out.  You can also get downloads.

I Got One More!
You can buy "I Got One More!" by Kurt Ribak at CDBaby. You can buy physical CDs or downloads,including higher-quality mp3s or FLAC files. You can also download at iTunes. You can also buy it at a brick-and-mortar independent jazz record store, namely
The Groove Yard in Oakland at 5555 Claremont in Oakland, and
at Bird & Beckett Books & Records , 653 Chenery, San Francisco, CA.

The recording includes Greg Sankovich, Ross Wilson, Lincoln Adler, Alan Hall, and Michaelle Goerlitz.  Guests are Tony Marcus, Jinx Jones, and Jeff Cressman

I've got links to notes about the record written by Lee Hildebrand and Scott Yanow.  The short notes by Hildebrand are here.  Longer notes by Hildebrand (as appear on the CD packaging itself) are here, and a longer article by Scott Yanow is here.  All are quick reads, though.
Buy the CD online - or buy downloads!

Ink about Kurt
5/12/2015 Brian McCoy interview of Kurt Ribak on examiner.com - Part I
5/12/2015 Brian McCoy interview of Kurt Ribak on examiner.com - Part II

KCSM - and the Bay Area jazz scene - suffers a new threat

From Patrick Wolff regarding programming cuts at KCSM:

Please take a moment to read the statement below from some of my colleagues at the station, it's a summary of what we know and what hope you can do to help.

A Message To Our Listeners From Members Of The Part Time Staff at KCSM Jazz 91:

The news is making the rounds now, so you may have heard that there are drastic changes going on at KCSM. Some of us have already been let go, and the rest of the part-timers will be let go on July 1, leaving the station in the hands of the few full-time staff- capable, wonderful hands, but not nearly enough to fill 24 hours a day with the great local, original programming that you depend on.

We are hearing support and concern from many sides, and appreciate it deeply. Because the administration is portraying this as a clear budgeting issue, many of you have shown that you want to donate to keep the station alive in its current form. Unfortunately, at this point, money may not help the situation but your emails, calls and letters can.

The truth is that we have been given a very muddled and shifting list of reasons for these sudden cutbacks; the budget issue is real, but not the complete story. Other reasons include a new enforcement of HR policies previously overlooked, and a need to involve students with the station more. Direct questions (from us and from reporter Jesse Hamlin of the SF Chronicle) about CSM's long-term plan for the station have gotten us little to no response. The station was not offered real time to address any of these factors and has not been offered any alternatives or compromises from the District Administration. No solid explanation has been given as to why the station can't dip into the "rainy-day fund" of surpluses from our previous KCSM Pledge Drives. All we were offered were drastic cuts, with no commitment to a clear vision for the future of KCSM.
This Is, of course, heartbreaking for all of us who have worked hard to make KCSM the central hub of the Jazz community in the Bay Area; we would love to find a way to keep things going the way they have been going, so well and for so many years, but we will need the support of the San Mateo Community College District to do this.
If you value what we do and want more answers, as we do, please consider contacting any or all of the CSM representatives below by email, letter or phone. Ask them why this is all happening now, and so suddenly. Ask them what they want from us, and what they want for the station. And please tell them if you are upset, hopefully that will matter to them.

Also, if you live in the Bay Area, please consider attending the CSM Board meetings.

Information found here: https://smccd.edu/boardoftrustees/calendar.php

According to their Board meeting rules, the public should be allowed to comment on things not on the agenda for 20 minutes. Please use your right to attend the meeting and to speak.

Thank you very much for your continued support of us and Jazz 91 !

Members of the KCSM Part-time Staff

Below is a list of College Of San Mateo staff to contact.

Ron Galatolo
San Mateo Community College District
3401 CSM Drive
San Mateo, CA 94402
(650) 574-6550

Michael Claire
President of College of San Mateo
College Center-Bldg. 10, Room 290
1700 W. Hillsdale Blvd.
San Mateo, CA 94402
(650) 574-6222

Board of Trustees
San Mateo Community College District
3401 CSM Drive
San Mateo, CA 94402
(650) 358-6753

Jan Roecks
VP Of Administrative Service
College of San Mateo
1700 W Hillsdale Blvd;
San Mateo, CA 94402

Dante Betteo
General Manager
KCSM FM Jazz 91

1700 W Hillsdale Blvd
San Mateo, CA 94402
(650) 524-6903


Click here for a sample of the letter I wrote to the above people regarding KCSM-FM.

Here's my take on KCSM's situation:

I really appreciate all the support KCSM has historically given local artists. The Jazz Datebook, interviews of local artists, and airplay.

Streaming and satellite stations don't have a local emp
hasis to them. They aren't going to announce a gig I'm doing, and aren't likely to play my recordings.

KCSM is one of the reasons there *is* a local jazz scene. I've been able to lead my band at Yoshi's because I've been able to draw good houses there. I do that by promoting my shows- and KCSM is a key part of that for me. When I have a new recording coming out, I try to get an interview at KCSM.  There's nothing else I can do that will reach as many existing and potential fans of my music as doing an interview on KCSM - because I'm a jazz musician, and KCSM is the one station programming jazz 24 hours a day.

Go here for a list of Kurt's gigs.

You can buy Kurt Ribak's recordings:

At CDBaby or by the download there, on iTunes, emusic.com, and all the other usual online sources

At The Groove Yard in Oakland at 5555 Claremont in Oakland,

At Down Home Music, 10341 San Pablo Avenue, El Cerrito, CA.

At Bird & Beckett Books & Records , 653 Chenery, San Francisco, CA videos - we have a YouTube Channel

Performances, interviews of Kurt Ribak

These video interviews were made by Lincoln Adler - www.LincolnAdler.com. Lincoln plays with us often and is the saxophonist of Times 4, the jazz-funk group Greg Sankovich also plays in.

Kurt Ribak Trio at Yoshi's San Francisco - June 30, 2009

The poster below was done by Maurice Tani, who also leads the country group 77 El Deora.


"...KURT'S ability to take you on a journey from the deepest waters of the Caribbean to the funky alleys of the urban jungle in one listening makes him a truly gifted original in my book." 
Chris Cortez, KCSM FM

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